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Mission Statement

The Character and Ethics Project is a community-wide effort of the people of Glendale and the foothills. It grows from the conviction that each of us can strive to be a better person. Individual self-improvement produces a better community and everybody benefits. That is our goal!

Character is the nature of a person with the courage to care about doing the right thing regardless of pressures and conflicts. Ethics describes accepted principles for choosing right over wrong, especially in complex situations.

Greater awareness of character and ethics leads to higher standards of conduct. As we improve our conduct we foster greater awareness in others.

Groups from business, civic, school, religious, youth and service organizations are each initiating programs for spreading the character and ethics spirit. Your help and support are vital to the Project. Read our Making a Difference section and join this community-wide effort now!

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Upcoming Events

Community Awards
May 25, 2017- 5:30-7:30pm
Glendale Unified School District’s board rm
223 N. Jackson St.

8th Annual ACE Awards
May 11, 2017, 5:30pm, Reception after
Join us at the Glendale City Council Chambers,
613 E. Broadway #110, Glendale, CA 91206.

Words of the Month

January: Respect
Treat yourself, others and the environment with dignity.

February: Honesty
Tell the truth; never take unfair advantage of people.

March: Trustworthiness
Be responsible and dependable in all that you do.

April: Loyalty
Be faithful to yourself and to others.

May: Courtesy
Be considerate, kind and polite.

June: Self-Discipline
Exercise self control and willpower over your actions.

July: Integrity
Be honorable and straight-forward in all that you do.

August: Fairness
Be impartial, open, and unprejudiced in judging yourself and others.

September: Responsibility
Be accountable for your actions.

October: Cooperation
Work together for a common goal.

November: Citizenship
Accept the rights, privileges and responsibilities of living in our community and country.

December: Compassion
Be kind, caring and helpful.